To All:  Sometimes I get busy and forget to remind everyone how much I appreciate your participation and involvement with LewisAire.  Well, consider yourself told; I appreciate all of you very wouldn't be an airline without you.


LewisAire stewardess to passenger:  "Would you like dinner, sir?"

Passenger:  "Sure; what are my choices?"

Stewardess:  "Yes or no..."






Member Activity:  Overall, LewisAire is in pretty good shape at this time.  We encourage all active members to take advantage of the features, the planes, the scenery, and everything else that we have to offer.  LewisAire was created for you...

                                         USE IT


Pilot To Operations

"Mayday! Mayday!  This is LewisAire flight 294; we're out of fuel, the left engine is on fire, and it looks like the right wing is about to fall off. Please instruct!"


Operations To Pilot:

"Repeat after me...Our Father, who art in Heaven..."








Remember past discussions regarding your very own remote homestead in the Wilburville region?  Well, it's happening!   Check it out, then go select your own getaway location!

              Floyd Hussey's Place

              Paul Hawkins' Place

              Rick Peabody's Place



Check the Classifieds...we're always looking some inside help with general operations.  If you can afford a little of your spare time now and then, let us know.  


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A short story submitted by an old friend named "Groundsquirrel" from SurClaro Forum:

When last we left our intrepid flightline hero, Garry had just averted a near disaster by restoring the beacon in the last few seconds before Pete was committed to terra firma on his last landing attempt before instant kawabunga would overcome the situation. Elated that he wouldn't have to replace another airplane this season, Garry sat for a while in the radio shack, taking in the light tapping of the rain on the shack's roof and thinking about the sorority adventure club that had recently booked up all his birds for an entire week. Just then he noticed that there was an unusally loud rapping along with the noise from the rain and a scruffy looking Pete pierced the privacy of the moment. "watcha doin' in here, boss?" He asked with his usual caricature of a farm hand. "just savin' your tail, Pete, just savin' your tail", "by the way" Garry went on "we need to talk about next weeks fare"........















































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