A great deal of time, effort, and thought went into selecting just the right aircraft for the LewisAire fleet; needless to say, we're proud of our birds. You'll note that we purposely spent no effort whatsoever in trying to replicate manufacturer panels and instrumentation. The Flight Sim world has plenty of aircraft that amazingly follow manufacturer panels and designs to the finest detail, but I chose instead to give LewisAire pilots something different and unique.  You'll get features and certain instrumentation in our planes that exist nowhere else but LewisAire, and you'll get flight dynamics that accommodate the world in which we operate: A little more power to help yank us out of those small, wilderness airstrips; better handling and stall characteristics to help us get back in.


BUT...before we could develop the LewisAire fleet, we needed great airplanes to start with, and we owe a great debt of thanks and appreciation to the aircraft designers listed below:  First for creating such fine aircraft, and secondly, for allowing us to use them in LewisAire. 






Brian Gladden



Chuck Dome

Steve Grant

Mike Stone

Eugene Heyart

Don Moser

David Durst


Duke60 Panel.jpg (226459 bytes)




NorseBLA.jpg (150783 bytes)




OtterFLA.jpg (239711 bytes)


OtterSLA Panel.jpg (200023 bytes)




Pilatus.jpg (177611 bytes)

Merlin.jpg (228435 bytes)B1900D Panel.jpg (186500 bytes)


Beaver-W.jpg (209553 bytes)





Aviat.jpg (220419 bytes)

C195-H Panel.jpg (197429 bytes)


R-Otter Panel.jpg (203170 bytes)


Another disclaimer: Actually, this is more like an additional attempt at recognition for the work of others. I sometimes claim that "I built all of our gauges and instrumentation", but that's not entirely true.  Yes, everything is in XML and built to our own specifications.  But you can be sure that I did not start with an idea (for an HSI, let's say), then create every image by hand and write every single character of XML code from scratch.  Not hardly!  I did what the rest of us do: I grabbed snippets of code and various images from here and there....modified them to accomplish our goals, then re-packaged.  I've tried diligently to honor wishes where I saw "DO NOT RE-USE MY STUFF!", and I've tried to acknowledge everyone as best I can on our "Credits" page. But as we developers know, the trail back to an original author can be lengthy, confusing, and sometimes flatly impossible to trace...many gauges are modifications of modifications of modifications that go on to infinity.  In that light, no doubt I have plagiarized a-plenty, but certainly with great appreciation, and not with false claims that it's purely "my own" work.  If you recognize any of your work in our planes, first of all I say thank you...apparently I thought highly enough of it to use it in LewisAire.  Secondly, please let me know and I'll add you to our "Credits" section for proper recognition.


C150_Panel.jpg (149131 bytes)


Beaver-F_Panel.jpg (157814 bytes)


Beaver-W_Panel.jpg (147983 bytes)

Shorts_Panel.jpg (144137 bytes)

Volpar-W_Panel.jpg (140057 bytes)




Volpar-A_Panel.jpg (150777 bytes)

C150.jpg (116067 bytes)

C195-H.jpg (240492 bytes)






NorseBLA_Panel.jpg (133160 bytes)



C337_Panel.jpg (148122 bytes)



DeHavilland Turbine Otter -SLA

Saab340-M Panel.jpg (184826 bytes)

R-Otter.jpg (255620 bytes)

Aviat Panel.jpg (183271 bytes)

Cessna 150


Saab340-M.jpg (233777 bytes)






Volpar-W.jpg (231707 bytes)


Beaver-F.jpg (137929 bytes)


Beechcraft 1900D

Pilatus Panel.jpg (214058 bytes)

Merlin Panel.jpg (190909 bytes)

Volpar-A.jpg (234785 bytes)

Shorts.jpg (199511 bytes)


OtterJLA.jpg (180660 bytes)



B1900D.jpg (200921 bytes)

Saab340-T.jpg (224456 bytes)


OtterSLA.jpg (239902 bytes)

OtterSLA Panel.jpg (200023 bytes)



Saab340-T Panel.jpg (188095 bytes)


NorseHLA_Panel.jpg (153389 bytes)



OtterFLA Panel.jpg (202033 bytes)

NorseHLA.jpg (143800 bytes)


C337.jpg (185448 bytes)




C195-S Panel.jpg (205989 bytes)


C195-S.jpg (185205 bytes)


Duke60.jpg (223713 bytes)


























































Beechcraft Duke-60


Cessna 195

Cessna 337


Norduyn Norseman - BLA




DeHavilland Turbine Otter -JLA


Cessna 195 Heritage Model

DeHavilland Radial Otter

Saab-340 MedEvac

Aviat Husky Amphibian

DeHavilland Beaver (Floats)

Beech-18 Volpar

DeHavilland Beaver

Beech-18 Volpar Amphibian

Shorts 360

Pilatus PC-12

Fairchild Merlin III



DeHavilland Turbine Otter -FLA

Saab-340 Transport

Norduyn Norseman - HLA