Conditions For Enrollment With LewisAire









So...are you ready to join the ranks of LewisAire?  As you see, we do have a few policies and guidelines that help maintain the integrity of LewisAire as it was designed.   If you're ready to come on board, click on the button below to send us a direct email, which should (but not limited to) the following:

            - Your name, age, where you're from.  (If you're 13 or under, please provide parental consent to join LewisAire.

            - Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you'd like to join LewisAire.

            - That you've read, understand, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions above.

            - That you're okay learning basic navigational skills and flying without all the modern-day "auto-stuff".

            - About your ability (and willingness) to participate in the Sunday Multiplayer flights.


I have read the information provided in FAQ; and I agree to the following terms:


1.  LewisAire aircraft, features, scenery, and any files provided are for use only within the confines of LewisAire.

2.  I understand that LewisAire is strictly FS-9 (FS-2004) and will not upgrade to FSX.

3.  I am expected to install and use Teamspeak for LewisAire flights, missions, and other operations.

4.  I am expected to participate in the LewisAire Multiplayer flights on Sunday (6:00 PM EDT) as often as possible.

5.  I understand that LewisAire is a "retro" airline using basic instrumentation and navigational skills.

6.  I understand that FS Navigator, moving-maps, and other auto-features are not allowed.

7.  I understand that Flight Plans, ATC (or VATSIM), and the GPS are not used for general bush-flying missions.

8.  Only LewisAire fleet aircraft are allowed for flights and missions; jets and helicopters are not allowed for use in LewisAire.

9.  I Understand that flights and missions are to be flown as designed; not modified or altered in any way.

10.  I am expected to comply with LewisAire guidelines and polices as stated or provided by any means.  



















Frequently Asked Questions


I use Flight Simulator FSX...will that work here?

No.  LewisAire is strictly Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9), which is incompatible with FSX.  The good news is that you can have both on your computer, and run either one without conflict!


How long is the Trial Membership period?

Thirty days.  At the end of that time, a decision will be made as to whether or not it's in everyone's best interest (especially yours) to move you forward into Registered Pilot status.


What decides whether or not I become a Registered Pilot after 30 days?

Your showing of activity, involvement, and interest in LewisAire during the trial period. 


Are there unique requirements I should be aware of?

Yes.  LewisAire incorporates periodic Multiplayer flying and the use of Teamspeak; members are required to participate.


Can I belong to other virtual airlines while a member of LewisAire?

Yes, so long as other airline activities do not conflict with (or overwhelm your time with) LewisAire activities, and so long as LewisAire equipment and facilities are used only within the confines of LewisAire.


What are my chances of becoming a Registered Pilot with LewisAire?

If you like what we do and how we do it and where we do it, and if you show activity and involvement during the trial period, and if you get along with other members, your chance of becoming a registered LewisAire pilot isn't a chance at's a certainty!


Will my flights during the trial period count, assuming I want to continue with LewisAire?

You betcha!  Registered pilots get a Pilot Profile for record keeping, and all your past flights will go in that file for logbook hours and for payroll.


Payroll?  We get paid for flying with LewisAire?

Indeed you do, and with a quite handsome paycheck, too!  It's virtual money, though...if you try to cash it, I hope we both get the same jail cell.


I have questions that aren't addressed on this list...

Great!  Send them to:




New members are subjected to a 30-day trial period, but don't let the term scare you:  You'll be exposed to limited but adequate features and facilities so that you can fly right along with us doing what we do, where and how we do it.  


                          Please feel free to browse the FAQ below to help answer other questions you may have.









First and foremost, thank you for considering LewisAire!  We are a regional bush-flying virtual airline situated in British Columbia, Canada, and we have a great deal of pure fun flying in some of the most gorgeous scenery on the planet; hopefully you will, too.  Just so there's no confusion later on, please understand that LewisAire is designed around bush-flying as it was done a few decades ago...we avoid modern-day gadgetry and focus on the enjoyment of flying airplanes, not software.  If you're looking for just another download website with nifty files, this is not the place...but if you're looking for a fun, interesting, and challenging virtual airline with great people, you've found a home!