Our operations hub (CYAA) is located at Wilburville, which was created by us and derived from a book I’ve written --soon to be published, I hope-- about some city folks who ended up in the Canadian wilderness by mishap, made a fantastic life out of what fate handed them, and would never go back. 

           [CLICK HERE] to browse the Internet pictorial-preview for the book, if you wish.


The ‘Book’ Wilburville was found in northern Quebec, but we chose to move the LewisAire Wilburville to a more apt location for a bush-flying outfit.  You should know that I fought this move like a demon in the beginning:  WHAT?  Move my Wilburville; are you crazy?  But I lost the battle, and am I ever glad for that!  In the early stages of development, ideas and trials—and tempers!—flew like snowflakes in a blizzard, but ultimately we ended up where we are, and there could be no possible better (or more beautiful) location than this. 


We’re situated on the shores of Carp Lake in British Columbia, and the name puzzles us: There are no Carp in our crystal-clear waters, only native Rainbow Trout!  So we renamed it Trout Lake.  Geographically, we’re located about 57 miles N/W of Prince George, and about 35 miles south of McKenzie.  The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are:


                                N 54*45.10

                                W 123*23.61



Here are some of the features offered at Wilburville:

- 3,000 foot paved, lighted ILS runway (15L)

- 3,000 foot lighted water runway (15R)

- Runway beacon

- VOR station (108.45)

- NDB station (358.0)

- Teamspeak for ‘Pilot-Pilot’ and ‘Operations-Pilot’ communications

- Docks with fuel

- Maintenance hangars

- Ground fueling stations

- General Store

- Catskill Cafe'

- Catnip Cocktails

- Catnap Bunkhouse

















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And of course we have our "Moonshine Still" operations...manned by a crusty old whiskey-maker

named Cleb Jampett, and tucked away in the nearby wilderness out of sight from those pesky Revinooers.  Now, I wouldn't venture up there uninvited, were I you.  Technically I own the place, and even I don't go near it unless Ol' Cleb sends word down the hill that I'm needed.

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     Distance Chart


Anchorage            922

Calgary                402

Chicago               1,583

MacKenzie            35

Montreal              1,944

New York             2,121

Prince George       57

Saskatoon           614

Seattle               438

Whitehorse          516

Winnipeg             995

Vancouver, BC     333

Yellowknife          544

Bora Bora         4,509