One has visions of Wilburville and LewisAire being a newly-developed bush-flying operation carved into the Canadian wilderness, and it isn’t a big leap to imagine a variety of airplanes parked here and there, and pilots hanging around a wood-stove telling jokes and drinking coffee, waiting for some…any…kind of business to walk through the door.  Don’t you believe that for a minute!  LewisAire has hit the ground running, and it’ll be nothing short of a miracle if we ever catch up with the schedule!  


     At last count, there are something on the order of forty-plus towns, resorts, and settlements within our region of operations; most of them small, many of them completely isolated from road access, and we service every single one.  With many, we are their only link to the outside world and often we're their only means of transportation.  We bring them everything from groceries, to medicines and medical supplies, to pets, building materials, furniture, and sometimes even Aunt Martha from Memphis.  People up here relocate as do people anywhere else, and when they do, we are the ones who move them and their belongings from place to place.  


     We have a contract with the Canadian Postal Service and deliver the mail regularly to most of the towns and settlements in our operating arena, with the Postal powers beating on us to accept even more settlements for the route!  

     We also contract with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for transporting prisoners to various places occasionally, and generally that involves a trip down into the States.


   We have a separate Med-Evac operation that offers medical evacuation services throughout the Canadian north, and to accommodate it we have a beautiful, late-model Saab 340, equipped with medical and ambulatory supplies, long-range fuel tanks, and every gadget a pilot could need for flying into controlled airspace.  And indeed we do fly into controlled airspace; trips to various trauma centers and specialty-hospitals all over the Northern hemisphere are common.   


     There’s the tourist trade:  Wilburville isn’t only a hub for LewisAire, it is also an upscale wilderness resort that attracts tourists from all over the place.  We’re one of several such places in our region, and LewisAire provides charter service to all of them.  Here’s how we work it, and we’ll continue to do so until someone shows us a better way:  The Burns family from Milwaukee will be coming to stay with us for a week:  Mom writes articles for a travel magazine and is much into aerial photos of the local scenery; Dad is big into Trout fishing, and the teenagers just want you to dazzle them with your magical flying skills…The Burns family is your baby,  portal-to-portal!  Pick ‘em up in Milwaukee with one of our planes suited to such a ride, tend to their transportation needs while they’re here, and bring ‘em back to Milwaukee at the end of their stay.


     Then, of course, there are the “regulars”:  Business folks who seem always to be somewhere other than where they want to be!  Teachers, doctors, lawyers, surveyors, engineers for the various mining and lumber operations scattered hither and yon up here; it’s our job to deliver them and their equipment wherever they need to be and when they need to get there.  




    So you see, time around the wood-stove telling jokes and sipping coffee is a treasured thing among LewisAire staff and pilots!