Why join the LewisAire gang?  Because you're the the kind of pilot who works best when given an assignment, and then left alone to get it done; the sort of pilot who doesn't take kindly to being micro-managed; a pilot who prefers flying airplanes rather than two-button techno-junk and software programs.  You're the kind of aviator who enjoys Sunday afternoons getting some serious bush-flying done in Multiplayer, while chatting about everything under the sun on Teamspeak with your other LewisAire buddies.  If that ain't enough to have you whipping out the gold Mont Blanc and signing on the dotted line, I'll sweeten the pot a little:

*** Extensive, custom scenery available only to LewisAire members.  Stick around for a while, and you'll get to select a location for your very own private homestead; designed by you, constructed by us, then added to the permanent LewisAire scenery for all members.


*** A fleet of twenty-two great aircraft that were completely rebuilt and re-tuned to accommodate

what we do...bush flying!  Custom gauges and instrumentation that you'll see nowhere else but here. 


*** Custom Kneeboard tools, such as:  Regional maps, flight calculators, briefings, and a host of other

navigational aids, charts, and tools to make a pilot's job easier.


*** Tons of downloadable flights...at last count, there was something close to a thousand flights!  Short flights, long-range flights, flights that require just floatplanes...something for every aviator to enjoy.


*** Regular updates and upgrades for aircraft and scenery.


*** We have two gorgeous (and busy!) resort and lodge operations in the LewisAire region: Wilburville

and Ridgewood.  Both of these places require plenty of regular air transport; hauling food, fuel, and

other supplies in; hauling passengers and guests in and out from all over the country!


*** Also scattered around the region are several remote fishing and hunting camps that keep us hopping

during summer months. 


*** The year is 1957.  Some miles north of Wilburville, our operations hub, lies Bennett Lumber Company.  Bennett started operations in 1922, went out of business in 1942 and remained dormant until last year, 1956, when a family heir (Amanda Bennett) breathed life back into the business once again.  Bennett is contracted with LewisAire as the sole air transportation provider for all of Bennett operations.  In turn, LewisAire constructed a subsidiary operations hub (Timberlake Air Transport) north of Wilburville and closer to the center of Bennett operations.  Needless to say, keeping the Bennett folks fueled, fed, clothed, and transported from Hither to Yon has us in the air plenty often!


So...unless you're strictly a jet-jockey who prefers staring at a 737 glass-gauge instrument panel for ten hours, perhaps we've captured your interest here and maybe we'll see you out there on the ramp.